Email Server troubleshooting

#1  Always remember to use "" as the incoming Post Office Protocol (POP3) and outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMPT) server in your local email client, such as Outlook Express.

In the Cpanel mail control center, the forwarding function provides a forwarding function to other addresses and can be used to alias one account to another. Thus, if you want [email protected] to forward to the POP3 account of [email protected], you can use the forwarding function to make this happen.

#3 All POP email boxes, EXCEPT the default account, use the full email address ([email protected]) as the username when logging in.

#4 Your "default address" is the root catch-all mailbox. It receives messages heading to all addresses that are not setup as unique POP accounts within your domain. Keep in mind that the default address account does NOT use the full email address format, like other POP accounts. The login for your default address is the same as the main FTP login for your account.

#5 If it seems like you cannot lock a POP3 account to retrieve messages for any reason, the quickest way to solve this problem is to delete and recreate the account within your control panel. This saves time as it bypasses having to ask our support staff for assistance. Here, the changes you make to your email items, with your control panel, are done in real time.

#6 The mailing list feature is very simple, so please keep this in mind. If you require a more powerful listserv program, please discuss this with our support staff. Note, however, that we cannot utilize a robust listserv on our web-hosting machines without causing the server's overall performance to suffer.  Thus, it is likely we may not be able to assist your needs.
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