What Programs can use FTP on my account?

We have put together a list of popular FTP software: (Keep in mind that new versions of FTP software are continuously being released – as such, you may want to view www.download.com and search for the client of your choice to see if there is an updated version available.) Also www.tucows.com is recommended for updated Windows applications.
#1 WS_FTP 4.5 - a standard FTP client for Windows Sockets. The graphical interface was designed with the novice FTP user in mind. This version features a reengineered FTP server detection and decoding process. Requirements: Windows 3.x or higher.

Cute FTP - CuteFTP is a Windows-based Internet application that lets beginners use FTP without having to know a lot about the protocol of the system itself. It simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly, graphical interface - instead of a command-line prompt. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

WinTelnet and FTP Pro 32 -bit 1.0 Release 2 - WinTelnet and FTP Pro are sets of Telnet and FTP clients. The application hides the complexities of Unix with an easy-to-use Windows interface, and it offers features such as auto-login profiles and automatic FTP login. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

#4 FTP Icon Connection 2.5 - Anawave's FTP Icon Connection is a true 32-bit, drag and drop FTP client. Transfers files to and from a remote site with an easy-to-use interface and automated program setting. New features include shortcuts to 40 top FTP sites, file sorting, and firewall support. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

Free AutoFTP 1.1a - Free AutoFTP is client software used to transfer files over the Internet. It lets you schedule automatic transfers on future dates or time. Other AutoFTP features include automatic dial and connect, a Windows Explorer like user interface, pop-up menus, drag and drop, activity log, Icon Tray installation, multiple simultaneous transfers, repeated auto-transfer scheduling, and more. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

eFTP Explorer 1.10 - To keep file transfers as hassle-free as possible, eFTP presents FTP sites with a familiar Explorer-like interface. It has a tree-view on the justify, changeable file view on the right, and Internet Explorer/Office 97 "buttonless buttons". It also has features like file synchronization and scheduled downloads. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.
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